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Our Service To You

We aim to give satisfaction to our clients the very first day and throughout our contract. We already impress our clients so much that we are asked to use some of them as reference to our work. All work are done and inspected after to make sure that our clients are happy so that will make us happy.  We are who we say we are, if our clients are happy we are. However,  strive to do more each time. We can be called out a very short notice and there is no call out charges. We work Monday - Saturday from early morning to late at night. And on Sunder from 1pm until late night. We are a small company so we cannot afford a bad publicity and even when we grow into a larger one, we still can't afford one. We know what it is to be let down, so we would never do that to anyone. Try us even for one day to see what we made of. Give is a call or email us.

New Services: 

Our team is always looking for new ways to supply and improve on the way we give services to our clients. 

Back Up Team: 

We always have a back up team ready and available to supply the needs of our clients' if needed. Every job is supervised by a senior member of staff before the job is complete. 


We give our staff members further trainging once a month so as to keep what is learnt and to deliver the best quality Services in whatever way required.